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Bay Window Measuring

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Two bend / Angled Bay window submission form

If you would like to enquire about bay window curtain poles we can give you an indication of price if you fill in the form below. Please state diameter of pole required (16mm or 25mm), adding any relevant comments in the box provided. Resubmit the form as many times as necessary if you require more than one bay of each type to be calculated. Input all dimensions in whole millimetres only. If you have measured in units other than millimetres you can convert them here. All dimensions must be filled in (pole returns are optional). If you do not have all measurements but would like an estimated price, please use the price calculator.

Curved poles

If you would prefer a continuous curved pole for your bay window, please state this in the comments box. You will still need to fill in all the measurements and info as per a two bend bay. Please note: It is not always possible to fit a curved pole into this shape of bay. We can only advise after drawing a diagram once measurements are submitted to us. Curved poles are only available in 16mm diameter bar.

Don't forget to supply email address (phone number optional) so we can contact you.

Please refer to previous page for information on measuring bay windows and collecting dimensions.

When we have calculated the bay window pole position we will send you the price estimate and diagrams to confirm. Once confirmed we can proceed with your order.

Please note that we are currently experiencing some problems receiving the submitted forms, so for now we would recommend emailing your measurements and information directly to us at info@northdownsironcraft.co.uk

We will process your enquiry in exactly the same way as long as we receive all the information as set out in the form below. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Two bend / Angled bay

Square bay

Angled bay

Measure wall lengths AB, BC, CD and distances AD, AC.

If additional pole returns are required, please indicate lengths at Ax and Dy. Finial lengths will be included in this unless stated.


AB =
BC =
CD =
AD =
AC =
Pole return Ax =
Pole return Dy =
Finial choice
See finials
Holdback choice
See holdbacks
Finish choice
Pole ends configuration
what's this?
Curtain rings
Pole diameter
Bracket fixing
Pole projection from wall
what's this?
Pole hanging depth what's this?
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